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Spectra Language and Spectra Tools User Guide

ICSE'21 Technical Briefing: Reactive Synthesis with Spectra: A Tutorial

Spectra Tools: Packaged Version / Source Code

  • Download and install Eclipse for Java and DSL Developers (Windows 64Bit or Linux or Mac)
  • Note: When you run the Eclipse installer, remember to choose "Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers"
  • Use "Eclipse/Help/Install new software..." to install Spectra Tools from our update site: http://smlab.cs.tau.ac.il/syntech/spectra/tools/update/
  • Note: Mac users, starting July 2023, Spectra IDE should be compatible with M1. If you use M2, use "Eclipse/Window/Preferences/Spectra" to change the BDD engine to "JTLV package".
  • Optionally download example Spectra projects that you can import to your Eclipse workspace: TowersOfHanoi, MonkeyRunner.

Spectra source code is available from GitHub


Example specifications and simulations with corresponding documentation are available here.

Collections of Specifications